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Everybody Remixes
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Summer anime 2014 visual guide, entire thing as one full image here. If you like what I’m doing, check out my main blog where these are hosted without me having to deal with cutting them up or getting resized to ant levels.

Stargazed Charts

I kept reading your ultimate otp thing as "meme" and i was confused for a good while after

MEME FOREVER!!!! <33333333 xDDDDD


"If i do not miss you a part of me is dead."



if you can watch this entire video straight through you have the most iron fucking will on the actual planet, in the actual universe. you have gigantic balls of steel. i would not fuck with you. you could come in my house and slap my mom and take my cats and i would just let you. if you can watch all of this you scare the shit out of me

Tayler Watches “My Video For Briona”, Performance, 2014

After 30 seconds, i did not breathe until the last second of the video had passed. Arms reached up and wrapped around my neck only to realize they were my own. I broke eye contact 4 times. Each time, a piece of furniture in my bedroom fell into piles of golden diamonds. A Home Depot in Kansas begged for forgiveness. Baby girl reverted to her primal state. She is nothing but mitochondria now. The universe is at war with itself. The storm is coming. We wait. 

❀ about me ❀


name: andi

age: 14

birthday: july 20th


single or taken: single

height: 5’2”

eye color: brown

middle name: n/a

favorite color: pink

lucky number: 420


hogwarts house [x]: slytherin

favorite television show:  game of thrones

favorite season: fall

describe yourself in a few words: piss

future children’s names: i like the names lana and salem but i dont want kids so

meaning of your name: n/a

ultimate otp: me/me

What do you plan to/do for a living: die


introvert or extrovert:  introvert

coffee or tea: neither

rain or shine: idk both are ok

reading or writing: ur mom



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